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How to Buy the Best Snow Blower for Your Needs and Budget

How to Buy the Best Snow Blower for Your Needs and BudgetWhen you buy the best snow blower for your money, you’ll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at you this winter. But with so many models and sizes of snow throwers to choose from, how can you determine which is best for you? Start by reading through these descriptions of five highly-rated snow blowers.

Craftsman 33-inch 357 cc snow blower with EZ Steer

If you need to clear heavy snowfalls on a regular basis, look no further than this high-performance snow blower. It’s gas-powered and has six forward and two reverse speeds. The 33-inch width and intake height of up to 22 inches lets you make short work of large areas covered with deep snow of any consistency. While this model is a bit more pricey than smaller units, it has many features that make it one of the best snow blowers for your money if you need a heavy-duty machine.

Craftsman 28-inch 277 cc snow blower with EZ Steer

snow blowerManeuvering is no problem when using this gas-powered Craftsman snow thrower equipped with EZ Steer technology, a deluxe glide-tech skid shoe, a chute that rotates 190 degrees and 16-inch X-Trac tires. With its eight speeds, four-cycle overhead valve engine and 12-inch serrated steel auger and impeller, this machine easily clears a 28-inch-wide path through even hard-packed snow without demanding excessive muscling.

Craftsman 24-inch 208 cc snow thrower

This smaller Craftsman snow blower is highly rated for use in areas that don’t get Mt. Rainier-level snowfalls. An easy-to-handle four-cycle OHV engine powers a 12-inch impeller that effectively blows away up to 24 inches of snow in much less time than it would take using a shovel. The electric push-button starter brings the machine to life immediately even in frigid temperatures, and you can forget about the messy job of mixing gas and oil when operating this efficient electric model fitted with a 12-inch serrated steel auger.

Power Smart 22-inch compact 208 cc two-stage snow thrower

This Power Smart model falls squarely into the “best snow blower for your money” category. The compact design delivers performance and ease of operation for most jobs requiring the clearing of snowfalls of up to 16 inches. Its push-button electric start is a desirable feature if you live where frigid winters are common, and its adjustable skid shoes and large tire treads offer good traction over slick terrain.

Power Smart 18-inch 13-amp electric snow thrower

Affordable and lightweight at just 38 pounds, this Power Smart snow blower is robust enough to throw snow up to 30 feet in a direction 180 degrees away from the intake, and it works well with fluffy or wet snow up to 9 inches deep. Able to clear a path 18 inches wide, this electric-powered machine is eco-friendly and comfortable enough for just about anyone to control using the easy-to-operate handlebar.


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