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  • Christmas commercials are not family friendly

  • Dear Kmart Advertising Dept.
    I have been a loyal customer for 25 years and have always been impressed with the quality of products and family values that your corporation stands for. Your recent t.v. ads are sexual and tacky. They are also inconsistent with the quality icon Kmart stands for. This comment is in regards to the Christmas boxer commercial (pelvic thrusting) and the Adam Levin clothing line (commercial shows him leaving his girlfriend or a stranger’s apartment after a night of fun). It is possible to create successful, engaging, and humorous commercials without the sexual references. Shame on your advertising department. I feel like I’m watching a Carl’s Jr. commercial. You can do better. You’ve lost a valued customer. Hopefully you’ll make some changes in your marketing strategies in the new year before you lose more customers.
    Jana Austin

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  • Hi austinfamily,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today in the MyKmart Community!

    We appreciate you taking the time to stop in, for your feedback is very important to us.

    Thank you!

    My husband and I are very offended by the Joe Boxer commercial. We see it air during “Wheel of Fortune” which is watched by many young children. This is a very inappropriate ad for them to watch.

    We agree with these comments about the tv commercials. They are totally inappropriate for any tv viewing. Why are you (kmart) paying for pron ads on public tv??? I work at the hospital & I know numerous people who do not approve of these ads. We have all agreed to never step foot or buy anything from Kmart again!!! You have lost all of our business. ( We live in a town with only 1 Kmart store. Not one of us or our families/friends have spent any money Christmas shopping at your store!!!

    I also agree with these comments. Combined with how they treated Thanksgiving, Kmart has demonstrated they are not our kind of company. There are a lot of vendors out there. I won’t be wasting my time shopping at Kmart. That’s full time, not just Christmas.

    I also agree, the Joe Boxer commercial is raunchy and should be taken off the air immediately. While watching It’s a Wonderful Life, my boyfriend and I were disgusted by the fact that it even exists let alone played during a Classic Christmas movie that is meant to be enjoyed by families (including children!). Kmart, you should be ashamed of yourself and we are two more people who will be shopping elsewhere from now on.

    Yesterday, 12-20-13 I viewed the Joe Boxer commerical on TV. After viewing a very vulgar and disgraceful “Jingle Joe Box” commerical I know this is NOT a brand I want to purchase. I had just purchased $74 worth of Joe Boxer items for holiday gifts, because I thought the items were appropriate for my adult son and son-in-laws. I didn’t know much about the brand,but thought the guys would like the underwear. I have RETURNED MY ENTIRE PURCHASE and will never support this brand.
    I find it hard to imagine that not one adult said STOP to this ad presentation. Does this company hire immature individuals? They must, because there is a total lack of taste or civil manners displayed. Does Joe Boxer think to be relevant they must show potential customers vulgar offensive behavior to sell their product? If I want to view thrusting *****’ there are clubs where that behavior can be seen. I don’t support stupid … so no Joe Boxer for me. I wouldn’t have known the values of Joe Boxer if it weren’t for this revealing advertisement. When I think of Joe Boxer I now think of “drippy jingly slime” – now way I want to buy that. I wonder if the company has a mission statement? I doubt if it’s uplifting and civil.

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