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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you getting down to the wire with your Christmas shopping and find that you’ve run out of ideas for stocking stuffers? Avoid repeating the same small gifts each year by using the following ideas for great cheap stocking stuffers.
Creative stocking stuffers for adults
Age doesn’t matter when it comes to Christmas stockings. Everyone gets a kick out of finding these small treasures.

Women. Many women have trouble sleeping at night. Slip in a soothing sleep mask as a welcome and cheap… See More

Budget Christmas Present Ideas

When money is tight, there are plenty of budget Christmas ideas for every member of your family. You can choose a gift to be proud of even if you have only $10 to spend.
Budget Christmas ideas for adults
Consider the following ideas for the men and women on your shopping list:

Adult women. Two things you need to know about women: They love to pamper themselves, and they collect jewelry. For less than $10, you can buy a pair of plush “fuzzy” socks and pair them with a foot moisturizer or… See More

Christmas Craft Activities for Children

Christmas activities for children can be fun for the whole family. It’s great to watch your kids’ creativity blossom and see their amazing ideas come to life. With a little help, children can make decorations and gifts that parents and grandparents will treasure.
Kids Christmas crafts
Simple crafts teach young children to express themselves while they develop coordination and self-confidence. They can be messy, though. Be sure to cover your working surface with newspaper or a plastic sheet.
Scrap… See More

5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party on a Budget

Great holiday party ideas don’t have to cost a fortune. Plan a magical holiday gathering for family and friends while sticking to a budget by following 5 simple tips.
Trim the guest list
An intimate gathering of close friends can make for the most memorable and special holiday party of the season. By keeping the guest list to 10 or 11, it’s easy to keep costs down. With fewer guests, it’s also easier to plan a sit-down meal, even when on a budget. However, if you prefer to host a larger event,… See More

Christmas decorating ideas for inside and out

These great Christmas ideas for decorating your home can make this your best holiday season ever. Use modern LED outside lights to use less energy. On the lawn, arrange a fanciful display that delights children and dazzles adults. Decorate your door to welcome your guests, and add touches throughout the house to celebrate the holidays.
Christmas decoration ideas for outside houses
LED lights are a wonderful trend. They use up to 80 percent less energy, and the up-to-date styles glow with color…. See More

5 Ways to Chase Away the Holiday Blues

The holiday season can sometimes be less merry than we want. Hosting and attending parties can seem like unwelcome pressure and work. Family problems can become magnified. Memories of departed loved ones often surface, bringing sadness rather than joy.
Recognizing that many of us need to keep holiday stress from getting out of hand, here are five ways to make the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day a little brighter and more fun.

Walk away from the dessert table
Eating… See More

Save Energy and Cut Utility Bills during the Holidays

Energy bills traditionally rise throughout the holiday season. Heating your home as the weather turns colder accounts for much of this, but decorative light displays and hosting celebrations also take up quite a bit of energy. How can you save a few bucks on electricity?

String up energy-efficient Christmas lights
A plugged-in string of Christmas lights might not draw a huge amount electricity, but running multiple strings every day for a month adds up. Replacing incandescent bulbs… See More

9 Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Placing just the right Christmas tree in your living room helps bring the holiday spirit into your home. Make safety just as important to beauty when considering where to set up your tree and how to decorate it. Here are 9 tips to help you have a safe and festive holiday season.
Pick out a live tree with fresh needles
Buy the greenest tree you can. A freshly cut tree has few brown needles, and its needles bend without breaking. Older, dried-out trees with dulling needles are fire hazards.

Make… See More

How to do Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Learning how to save money this holiday can make the season better than ever. The number one approach when buying gifts is to consider each recipient’s wants and needs. The second thing to remember is that the cost of a gift is not what makes it special.

Think simple, small and special
Find ways to impress friends and family members with warmth and love instead of expense. Make holiday gift-giving about the people more than things, and have fun choosing thoughtful presents that go over big… See More

10 Christmas Symbols and Their Significance

The Christmas season has become a favorite time of year for young and old alike. The decorations alone can create a contagious air of joy. You may not know that many of those decorations are also symbols that have a significant tie to the Christian beginnings of the holiday.

Christmas has evolved far past its religious origins to the fun and festive holiday we’ve all come to anticipate each December. Here are some facts you may not know about the Christmas symbols that bring us so much joy… See More

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