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  1. Home & Family Digging Out After a Snowstorm!

    Very nice and informative blog ! I have been considering getting a new machine for some time, and while finishing a neighbor's driveway, my old machine seized-up ! Happiness and sadness at the same ti…
  2. Home & Family Junk Food Rules

    So, what would a 200 calorie portion of that sandwich look like ? Toby should have said to occasionally have a small cheeseburger as the replacement for one's 30% of fat for the day, to make the artic…
  3. Home & Family Smart Safety Tips!

    This is terrific ! Excellent advice ; I would add to make sure everyone keeps a six-pack of drinking water in their trunk, along with essential meds. Last Winter when LakeShoreDrive closed because of …
  4. Home & Family The Benefits of Blu-Ray

    If you get a chance, see the Planet Earth blu-ray to see the best that the medium has to offer !