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  1. Home & Family How to Clean Tile Grout

    Leslie, I like the steam idea ! This will also heat things up to evaporate the mold-loving moisture ! I'll have to hunt down one of these units soon :):) !
  2. Home & Family Uses for Baking Soda in your home

    Yes it does, Leslie ! I'd like to go green with this concoction because of the harshness and ill ease of using the other stuff. Especially on my tub, which has already been etched. When it's replaced …
  3. Home & Family Uses for Baking Soda in your home

    Wow, Nice list ! What is 'essential oil'?
  4. Garden Solutions Center A Taste of Honey

    Yes indeed, THANKS KRIS ! And I agree, Wendy - that is a very nice recipe ! One question... I use a lot of honey, and I get most of it from approx. 25 miles from my home. And the rest is from any …
  5. Garden Solutions Center Get the Best Snow Shovel for Your Needs

    Yes, yes, yes, now that I've thrown my back out again ! Just teasing - the article is not only timely, but completely apropos ! I've suffered a minor sprain, like many before, and I had already knew a…
  6. Garden Solutions Center Hearty Soups and Stew

    Excellent ideas ! And this reminds me to use the one I received from a fundraising ! Cool beans (I mean, hot, yuk-yuk-yuk!) !
  7. Garden Solutions Center Holiday Treats for Pets

    Careful that you don't break your pretty teeth on those biscuits, Julie - yukyukyukyuk !
  8. Garden Solutions Center Holiday Cookies and Vintage Cookie recipe

    I hope that your batch as well as your fond memories are extra special this year :):):) ! Thanks for the pleasant thought, favoritesister {^^, !
  9. Garden Solutions Center Top Tools for Melting Ice This Winter

    I agree, Julie - a splendid tip and article !!! I too have made the switch to deicers that are better for the car and concrete a few years back... My front drive and sidewalk are on a steep grade, so …
  10. Home & Family Nine Dirty Spots That Rarely Get Cleaned

    Another killer piece, Leslie ! Thank you {^^, ! I often forget the flip-lid to my step-on stainless trashcan ! And my horsehair hairbrushes will often remind me on their own with their unique accum…
  11. Home & Family 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Winter

    An excellent article, tbainbridge ! I would add that I take a very hot bath each morning for my joints, but I always add olive or mineral oil combined with Epsom salts and bath bombs to the waters…
  12. Holidays & Parties Top 5 Halloween Candy Suggestions for 2013

    Splendid carve job, Casey G !
  13. Holidays & Parties Top 5 Halloween Candy Suggestions for 2013

    I concur - "Let 'em eat cake" or in this case, candy ! The Reese's, Twix, Snickers, 3Musk., Skittles, Hershey's and Milky Ways will exit this abode that night and on the first train leaving in the m…
  14. Home & Family What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

    A Sweet Update ! I found a Kenmore Intuition 28014 Canister vac ! I may never need another ! Thanks again, Leslie ! ...Off to the reviews :) !
  15. Home & Family Bucketless Floor Mopping

    A great way to conquer the "Big Fill" in mopping, Leslie :):) ! Bravo ! Now I just have to open up all of the "Swiffer-type" stuff that I bought on clearance, LOL ! And I only have a small kitchen/din…
  16. Home & Family What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home?

    Wow ! What an excellent article, and talk about timely ! I'm now in the market for a new machine, after tiring of the messy "shake-off" of the cone filter in my Dirt Devil upright ! And also, Kmart d…
  17. Home & Family How To Clean Windows With Just H20

    You're welcome :) I've got to stop chiming in out-of-turn, LOL !
  18. Home & Family How To Clean Windows With Just H20

    I have several cheap microfiber cloths, as well as regular cotton ones in my trunk. My best results happen to be just this easy : After the automatic carwash and blow dry that I get with my fill-up, I…
  19. Home & Family 40 Quick and Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

    I loved the strawberry/choco-chip idea ! Especially using dark chocolate ! 'Whatever Happened To Carob ?' That was an excellent chocolate substitute ! And I also like the turkey pepperoni bits and…
  20. Home & Family Meet our New Cleaning Coach - Leslie Reichert

    My warm welcome to you as well, Leslie {",] ! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Q&As, for we can really come up with some doozies ;) !
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