1. General I was wondering if I purchased Kmart and Sears Brands at Meijer would I be able to get Shopper Reward Points from Kmart?Also some friends at Church today were talking about Sears taking over Miejer and Rebranding all the Kmart stores as Miejers ?This makes a lot of sense to me but is it True?

  2. General I was very impressed with our Kmart this Xmas.I Shopped Sears Walmart and Made Kmart my final stop.It was very busy and full of Deals.The Manager was at the front door Greeting Shoppers and assisting at the Checkouts all of which were operating very efficently.As I was leavingI noticed what appeared to be a couple of well dressed Sears Excecutives doing Shopping cart Duty in the parking lot.The store Associates were very helpful and new what they were doing and availible to assist customers.It was a total improvment from the other stores I had shopped at that Weekend!Its been along time since I was impressed in a Kmart Store.Now That Mr. Lambert has taken over will he erase the improvments like he has in the past?By the way this store Deserves to be Upgraded I'm sure it would Pay Very Well Off In The Future.Busiest Kmart I've Seen In Ten Years!!!!

  3. General I was at Church recently and the they were talking about buying a Kmart and making a Church out of it.God Bless Kmart.

  4. General What happened to Little Ceaser we miss them at our Kmart could they come back.There now is no where to get a Bite in our store.

  5. General Will Santa be appearing at Kmart this year ?We like to take the children to see him for pictures.

  6. General Is it true this is a Robotic site and if so can you take me to your Leader?I come in Peace.

  7. General Is Kmart selling fresh cut Xmas trees this year? Were very traditional and like the real thing.