1. Liked this: General Kdollar

    I think they function sorta like a TJ Maxx, but they stock Kmart's clearance merchandise. This is where clearance merchandise goes last. I would think they would also carry merchandise from Kmart's th…
  2. Liked this: General When are you planning your next vacation? And where?

    I'm leaving for Fort Lauderdale on Saturday! I can't wait since it's 11 degrees today in Chicago.
  3. Liked this: General Hooray for Basic Editions "Classic Fit" jeans!

    Hi londonteatime, Thank you for sharing your great find! I think that is wonderful that you were able to find a nice pair of jeans that fit all aspects of what you were looking for. I will be sh…
  4. Liked this: General Why did you delete my post?

    Did you have substantial backup to the criticism? AND sometime forums just delete or edit stuff for nonexistent or crazy reasons. Maybe you should use a different site if you want more freedom for you…
  5. Liked this: General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    I just made my first batch this morning!! I added peach flavored tea! It's REALLY good!! Still haven't had any pop and now with this I don't think I will be craving it! Thanks for the recipe, londonte…
  6. Liked this: General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    Thank you so much! I'm going to try this hopefully this week and let you know! It sounds really good!
  7. Liked this: Health & Fitness 5 Keys to Losing Belly Fat

    I'm going to try the 9-minute work-out. Only four exercises done over a 9-minute period. I'm winded, lose my balance, but determined to keep trying every day.
  8. Liked this: General I just wanted to say how pleased I am with online layaway!!! This was the first time I've used it and I couldn't be more pleased!

    Wonderful, Tea! I remember you asking a few questions a while back about the Black Friday TV offer. Happy to hear you were able to put the TV on layaway and will have it all set up and ready for the C…
  9. Liked this: Holidays & Parties What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

    Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase! lol
  10. Liked this: General Why limit the Quantity of Door Buster Items below the nunber of expected people expected to enter the store in the first hour of a sale.Bad Buisness practice.You don't see your competiters doing that.They at least stock enough product to cover the first rush! Once upon a time Kmart Was Very Good At That! What Happened?

    When Sam Walton died.... it was the beginning of the fall of Walmart. It might not happen fast...but it will happen.Kmart is stocking better quality items and their layaway is fabulous. Forget Walmart…