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  1. Saving Money Walmart is price matching on the internet and still building more stores. What is Kmarts next step to compete with this. We have lost all but 2 Kmart Stores in our Tri State area and Kmarts new Buisness model is all but invisible in our area. Where,s My gofer?

  2. Holidays & Parties Just what is the new Business Model?


  4. Home & Family I was wondering if any more Kwash Laundry Mats have been added to any Kmarts in the Cincinnati Ohio area. I would like to be able to shop and do laundry at the same time. How Conveinent!!!!!

  5. Saving Money Kmart is now in the rent to own Buisness how low can they go? Just Bleed the Poor! The Man On his Island Has No Concience .

  6. Holidays & Parties Is It True That Tera Poseley President Of Kmart Apparel Division Has Took A New Position With Another Retailer?

  7. Holidays & Parties Andrew Stien Chief Marketing Officer For kmart Is Joining Biglots? The Head Of Sears Appliance Division Is Resigning? Is Kmart Closing Stores In Birmingham?

  8. Home & Family Why don't SHLD take a good look at Kmart Austrailia's Stores they are doing Quite well and Remodeling and Opening New Stores at a regular pace?

  9. Home & Family Just What Is Kmarts New Buisness Model!

  10. Saving Money Why are succesful store locations closing ? Has Hoffman Estates Lost Touch With The Store Customers Hello?

  11. Home & Family Just What Is Kmarts Buisness Model? Abadoned Locations? Succesfull Locations? Its No Secret That Sam Walton Copied Kmarts Buisness Model He Used To Attend Grand Oppenings At Kmart Supercenters And Marvel At how Wonderful The Stores Were Layed Out. What Went Wrong With That Model? Slow Death While Laghing All The Way To The Bank?

  12. Home & Family Who is Eli W. and does he represent Kmart?

  13. Home & Family Why are 5 more Kmarts closing? The Final Solution!

  14. General When are they going to moderize the stores there starting to look like retail museums!

  15. General Do you think the President should step in to stop Ed Lambert from Destroying SHLD such as he did with GM and Crysler and some of the larger Financial Institutions. Sears and Kmart are and were some of the larger Employers in the United States and the current Leadership is in a Self Destruck Mode!

  16. General Is it true Kmart High Ridge MO. @ Mission Valley CA. are closing?Mission Valley Kmart is a very new and pretty location what a shame if this is true!And is it True that Sears Holdings is considering buying JC Pennys maybe a Different way to expand?

  17. General New Comercial for free shipping?

  18. General What Happened to the New Kmart Express Store at The Carolinas Mall in San Juan Puerto Rico.It seems to have been Erased or just Disapeared!As of November 2011 a Brand New Concept Store Just Disapeared. No News stories Lines Drawn through its Name when you can find print refering to its existance and location.Twilight Zone Kind of like maybe the C.I.A. was operating it ?Where Did it Go are all the associates accounted for?

  19. General After really trying I was able to pull up this weeks specils add for KDollar Hollywood Florida on the Sears Media Page.I notice Little Ceasars Pizzas 2 for $9.00 Luggage Mixers All kinds of stuff on sale.The glimces of the interior of the store in the adds makes it look like a full size Kmart store.It appears to be more of and outlet store than a Dollar Store alot of $19.99 Products is this the real format?If so are these stores purposed for Drawing down Kmart inventory as they shut down more traditional Big @ Super Kmart stores such as Sears is doing with the sears outlet stores? It seems they can get more value for the products this way while they Dispose of Realestate.Better than store closing sales!

  20. General The New Site Is Very Modern When Do You Plan On Upgrading Your Stores To Compare ????

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