1. Garden Solutions Center I have a few containers that I've been growing tomatoes in, but would love to continue growing something once the frost has taken the tomatoes as I really love these containers. Any suggestions on plants or herbs that I can grow in winter outdoors? I'm in zone 7b. Thanks!

  2. Garden Solutions Center I read your blogs regularly and especially love the food tips that you include for vegetables. My green beans are coming on strong and was hoping that you might share a few tips on how to use them in the kitchen. I normally just microwave or saute on the stove, but looking for other ideas. Thanks and looking forward to your next post!

  3. Garden Solutions Center I still have a sunny spot on my patio for another container and would like to grow a tomato. I know I'm getting a late start, but are there any tomatoes that I can grow before frost comes in fall? Our first frost can be anywhere from October 15 - 30. Thanks.

  4. Garden Solutions Center I'm thinking of growing a few herbs on the patio. What are three culinary herbs that you recommend growing? Also, any growing tips for containers is appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Garden Solutions Center I just read your blog post on plants that attract birds and butterflies and want to grow more plants in my patio garden that do just that. Can you give me a few suggestions for summer-blooming plants? Are there any herbs that will attract birds or butterflies? Thanks!

  6. Garden Solutions Center What is a easy to grow, drought-tolerant plant that can be used as an edging plant?

  7. Garden Solutions Center I live in Southern Oregon and want to know when I can start planting basil in my garden. Thanks!

  8. Garden Solutions Center I want to try and experiment with companion planting in my vegetable garden this year. What companion plants do you recommend to grow near tomatoes?

  9. Garden Solutions Center I'd like to grow pole green beans this year and I'm looking for a no-fuss, very flavorful variety. What recommendations do you have?