Types of Badges

Community Manager Comm Mgr

Comm Mgr

Community managers take care of the entire community so we can enjoy it.
Moderator Moderator


Moderators are the good people who help get questions answered and make sure everyone follows the rules.
Expert Expert


Experts are the smart cookies who know a ton about products and answer questions.
Kmart Cares Kmart Cares

Kmart Cares

People with this badge are trained customer care representatives who make sure you get help when you need it.
Associate Associate


Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
Vendor Vendor


These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
Editor Editor


Editors are grammar gurus who create blogs and guides that you will enjoy.
Sr. Blogger Sr. Blogger

Sr. Blogger

Count on these topical wordsmiths to deliver blogs and guides that matter to you.
  1. Home & Family how do I file a complaint about about a store ,who descrimates aginist a disabled person ,a,loyal KMART customer

    Dear Gary00761, My name is Brian and I am part of the Kmart Cares team. We are sorry for the trouble that you have encountered with your bike purchase, and apologize for any inconvenience this has …
  2. Saving Money I had a coupon to use at Kmart that was only available Friday, August 9. When I went to pay for my items I was told that the coupon service was not working. Since this was the only day the coupone could be used I feel that they should have honored the coupon. Jackie H.

    Dear October20, My name is Brian and I am part of the Kmart Cares team. We would like to thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback on your recent shopping experience with us. We will e…
  3. Home & Family Where can I mail a copy of a complaint?

    Dear mbckmstr, My name is Brian and I am part of the Kmart Social Media Escalations team. We are sorry for the poor experience you had while shopping with us. We would be more than happy to look in…
  4. General I had a layaway and never got around to paying for it on time. I realized it was too late to get it out and went to get my money back and was told that someone had come to the layaway department and already gotten it. When I asked who it was I was told they thought it was me, I asked if they showed an id like the KMart Policy demands and the guys says maybe they forgot to ask for it. So they gave my money to somebody else and now they are refusing to refund me my cash that is due me and when I asked for the name of the district manager they would not give it to me. I have my ticket, the receipt and they owe me $50. How do I get it? How do I find out who the district manager is so I can dispute this?

    Dear Katcontessa, My name is Brian and I am part of the Kmart Cares team. We are terribly sorry to learn of the trouble you are currently experiencing while trying to get a refund for your canceled…
  5. General Kmart cancel my order

    Dear Parinya, My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are truly so for the trouble you have encountered with your online order. Online stock is often based on …