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  1. Home & Family How do you file a complaint, above the store level, I do not want to call the store manager of my local store because I feel nothing will be done. I shopped in the Brick New Jersey Kmart, last night well actually I walked out the Manager Judy I believe her name was, talked to the employees like garbage and yelled at them, in a very demeaning way. I asked the African American lady at the service counter, sorry I did not get her name, for the number for corporate to make a complaint. She herself looked extremely upset and ready to cry. The service lady was trying to help everyone, she was on the phone calling another store for me, doing a return at the same time, and a cashier was calling her for help and another one asking her for change. She called this manager Judy several times on a radio, and then several times over the paging system, because the other customer needed an over ride, after a good 15 min or so, this manager finally shows up with a crass attitude and yelling tone. She even told the girl if she wants to leave, then leave she will tell someone named Donna. The girl asked her to help and she said she don't touch no money. So what does a manager in your store do? It was unbelievable. I just left and told the girl God bless you and I will call myself to find my item.