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  1. Books got locked out of portal trying to get pay stub yesterday.. still have not been able to get check stub.. what do I do this is an emergency

  2. Saving Money I bought a highchair at kmart 4days ago, It is now on sale, will Kmart adjust the price or do I have to return the original one and then buy it again.

  3. Saving Money i lost my gift card but have my e reciept and it shows i have money on it and the last four numbers what should i do

  4. Outdoors What Would Be Your Dream Backyard?

  5. Saving Money whenever i login ot shopyourway from my mobile it doesnt show the surprise points,how can i see the surprise points on mobile coz it wont show up on mobile..and the cashier at Kmart always tell me that i have no surprise points while i can see them at laptop

  6. Saving Money Delete account

  7. Garden Solutions Center I purchased a gerbera plant in full bloom a month ago. Now I have no flowers. The leaves are very healthy. How can I get more flowers ? The stems where the flowers were are still there. Should I pull them? Please advise I miss the flowers they were beautiful.

  8. Saving Money I just linked my visa card and I don't see the points add up to my account. How long does it take?

  9. Saving Money Is there a way to print a temporary sywr card?

  10. Saving Money Can you use a coupon on an item that is on clearance?

  11. Home & Family i went to kmart today in tampa,fla(temple terrace store)they had a now hiring sign on the door,i asked the lady in customer service for web site,but when i went there i found nothing.please help as i am trying to fill out an application,how do i get to web site

  12. Outdoors I need to find a gas station that accepts your card for gas in the area of saylorsburg pa 18353

  13. Holidays & Parties How do you celebrate Easter?

  14. Home & Family Hi I'm looking to apply online to Kmart but i can't seem to find where. help?

  15. Home & Family What do you do with your pet when you go out of town?

  16. Garden Solutions Center I have a rocky area along my nort property border and would like to put raised bed along the property line for vegetables or other plants. Do you have any suggestions that won't break the bank?

  17. Home & Family This is less of a question more of a complaint that has building up for months. For Christmas my boyfriend bought me an engagement ring from Kmart. It was beautiful and all around perfect. The thing is i had just recently had a baby and he had used an old ring for size. We called the store and they said they would have to do a refund and reorder it. The day we were going to the store we had lost the receipt thinking because he used the layaway they would be able to pull up every payment and use that but they were not. We don’t make much and with a new baby money is very tight. So here i am ring size 8 desperately trying to make my fingers lose weight so i can wear my ring for the first time. I am very saddened that the company was not am to help us

  18. Home & Family Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination

  19. Home & Family Have you used a Professional Cleaning Company?

  20. Home & Family Still no refund

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