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Stay comfortable with new men's underwear and undershirts from Kmart

Wearing the right men's underwear and an undershirt can make any outfit that much better. The latest men's boxers and briefs provide the first layer of comfort to your daily attire. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting men's undershirts or underwear can ruin your day, as well as your silhouette. Kmart has a wide variety of soft and supportive undergarments at affordable prices. Find Men's briefs or boxers in different styles, so you'll feel good from the moment you steps out of the shower.

Men's boxers are a popular choice for their relaxed fit. Tagless designs in a colorful plaid feel relaxing under loose-fit khakis. A pair of cotton men's briefs in classic white creates a snug fit that won't shift under a pair of slim men's jeans. Choose designs that suit your style, raning from neutral colors or to brighter tones. If you want something that meshes the best of both worlds, try boxer-briefs. These combine the length of boxers with the slimmer fit briefs.

Men's underwear aren't the only essential undergarment. Men's undershirts are a must, especially if you're dressing up for work or school. A light undershirt helps keep sweat at bay, and it helps your polos or button-front shirts stay fresh. Stock up on heat-trapping thermal options, and stay toasty when it's time to bundle up in your men's jacket. No matter what outfits you wear, stay comfortable with men's underwear and undershirts from Kmart.