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Look great at the pool or the beach in men's swimwear

Even if a trip to the pool or a weekend at the lake with friends happens only once or twice a year, every you want to have men's swimwear ready for those fun and spontaneous occasions. While a pair of regular men's shorts can do in a pinch, lightweight boardshorts are made of material that is easy to move and swim in. Kmart's diverse selection of affordable men's swim trunks make it easy to have a few different outfits ready for a trip to the beach, a surfing adventure or a day at the pool.

Men's swim trunks are available in a many different styles, including classic, shorter trunks and longer boardshorts. A pair of short trunks offer extra maneuverability and are ideal for swimming laps at the gym. Boardshorts are better for spending time lounging on the beach or playing volleyball or just for a casual dip in the water. While the key part of any men's swimwear outfit will be the trunks, men's sunglasses, a pair of sandals, and the right hat are all essential accessories for a day at the beach or pool.

Don't be caught unprepared when summer rolls around and it's time for a swim. Find stylish and affordable men's swimwear at Kmart.