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Books & Magazines

Stay informed and entertained with the latest books and magazines

Flex your mind or keep yourself entertained with a new paperback book. Kmart has novels for adults and teens as well as picture books to give the kids a break from their toys. There's something for nearly any kind of reader with the latest best-sellers in fiction as well as classics in nearly any genre. Find DIY home improvement guides and cookbooks to practice your skills around the kitchen and the workshop.

The most recent issues of magazines help you keep up with your favorite celebrities, musical groups and hobbies without worrying about staying current on a subscription. Animal magazines for the cat- or dog-lover and news or current-events titles give you something to flip through quickly and read while waiting at the doctor's office or riding the train.

The late-night reader who prefers physical books to eReaders will be happy to find book lights among the wide range of book accessories. A book stand is an excellent addition to the kitchen countertop for the adventurous chef always trying new recipes. If it gets tough to read the finer print, just bring home a magnifying glass with a built-in light. Television and movies are fun, but it's tough to beat the appeal of a good read. Expand your mind by reading a new book or magazine from Kmart.