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Customize your look with home hair trimmers

Whether you're looking to transform the kitchen or dining room into a family hair salon or just need to keep a beard and sideburns in check, hair trimmers can help make hair care easier. Affordable grooming kits from Kmart include trimmers and scissors, and many even feature the standardized guards used at the salon for getting a professional cut at home. While shaving cream and a razor can take care of the neck and any stray hairs above the beard, a pair of clippers is essential to keep a beard from looking scraggly.

Some shaving accessories make it possible to modify the look of thin facial hair, but men who want to go bold with a long beard, bushy sideburns or a mustache that makes a statement are going to need a versatile grooming kit. Experiment with new looks on the fly to find one that's totally you by switching between guards and cutting styles. With your own collection of hair care supplies, you're free to switch things up whenever you're in the mood for something a little different.

Instead of hauling the whole family to the salon the next time there's a class picture or reunion on the calendar, clean up kids' hair with easy-to-use hair trimmers. Even an amateur can learn to clip, fade and flatter any type of hair in no time. Find affordable hair trimmers and kits at Kmart and take haircare into your own hands.