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Toddler Furniture

Get toddler furniture to make their room cozy

As your little one grows up, they'll want to decorate their room in with furniture that has their favorite characters like Doc McStuffins or Lightning McQueen on them. With their own chairs, desks and other furniture they'll have a comfy place all to themselves to hang out and do homework. The furniture you deck out their room in can both show off their favorite things and serve as a home for all their toys to limit clutter. These are great pieces during that transition between toddler and more grown-up kids furniture.

When setting up your kid's playroom, be sure to add plenty of surfaces to do crafts, homework and play games. Desks and tables are perfect for coloring books, reading and working on writing. Many desks have storage under the seat for all of their writing utensils. You can also give them a toy chest branded with their favorite cartoon and movie characters. A kid-sized storage bench will help them organize their toys and add an extra seat for reading and play.

For their bedroom, get a kids' bed that is both cool and comfy. From the classic race car bed to beds with slides on the side and playhouses underneath, there's the right fit for what your little guy or gal loves. Many beds have pull-out storage underneath so you can store all their favorite toys and books where they'll be used the most. Get all these and other baby gear at Kmart.