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Baby Gifts

Be the star of the shower with perfect gifts for babies

Whether you are having a child of your own or you are attending a shower for a beloved friend's new arrival, you will want to make sure you have the perfect gifts for babies ready and waiting to be opened. Most stores are full of aisles of cute baby clothes, blankets and toys, so it can be hard to determine what might be the best gifts for new and expectant parents. After all, do they need learning toys to ensure the baby is a genius? Or would they rather have dolls, rag dolls and stuffed toys that encourage pretend play and cuddly fun? Babies will need more than just toys to survive and some of the best gifts can be the most practical.

It may be tempting to buy that cute blue or pink onesie hanging in the aisle, but the baby will need more than just the basics. Pick your clothing gifts based on the season of the due date. If it is summer, the baby will need a large hat to protect her from the sun, and if it is winter a cozy bunting or down snowsuit will keep him warm when mom is out running errands. Accessories like socks and mittens are essential, but often overlooked in many baby showers. Of course, the tiny clothes are the cutest, but remember that babies grow fast and mom will love some clothes that fit her baby when the first birthday is approaching.

Gifts that easy a baby's discomfort are also a great idea. Rockers, swings and bouncers help keep baby busy and moving when mom's arms are just too tired. Look for sturdy models that will withstand hours and hours of playtime. Many models also feature fun lights, sounds, music and even white noise to help soothe the fussiest of babies. Sometimes the cause of the fussing is easy to identify. Many babies have gas early on, so a bottle of gripe water is a great gift for both mom and baby. As the baby gets older, teething will be a huge part of his life, so quality teethers are great gifts that keep everyone happy and occupied. You can also buy a teether necklace for mom so that she has the perfect soothing device on her person at all times.

Babies learn and grow through play, so it is perfectly acceptable to get some great learning toys as gifts for the new arrival. A colorful, high-contrast mobile will help the baby with visual acuity and keep her occupied while she is lying on her back. As she becomes more mobile, a play gym is the perfect toy for practicing new movements with hands and feet. She can hit the toys dangling from the play arches or kick them with her feet to elicit sounds and motion. When he can finally grasp toys, some fun rattles or bells will send musical tones to his ears and encourage even more physical activity.

If you want to get toys that will still be around as the baby transitions to toddlerhood, opt for dolls and stuffed animals. These toys will likely sit on a shelf for much of the first year but will become beloved companions as the child grows older and will be present at all future tea parties and wild expeditions. No matter what type of gifts for babies you choose to bring to the shower, remember that Kmart is with you ever step of the way. From first outfits to engaging toys to basic baby needs, we have everything to make the little one's arrival at home go as smoothly as possible.