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Baby Food & Nutrition


Give your little ones the best baby foods

As your little ones move away from nursing and formula, you'll need to stock up on healthy baby foods. These will get them used to eating a variety of different foods, so you'll be sure that they have a balanced diet. The right food, paired with gentle baby's health products will ensure that your child grows healthy and strong.

If you don't have the time to whip up your own baby food in your stand mixer or food processor, pre-packaged baby food will keep you ready to go with meals that can be tossed in the diaper bag before heading out. Some healthy cookies and crackers are great to have on hand in case they get a little hungry in between meals. With snacks made from ingredients like corn, rice and veggies, your child will be getting easy to digest foods that support their growth.

Another way you can make sure your growing boys and girls are getting all the vitamins they need is through nutrition drinks. Just like a meal replacement shake for adults, these shakes are packed with all the vitamins and minerals that will fill them up as a snack and provide them with a great tasting healthy treat. Make sure to shop at Kmart for all your baby food needs.