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Brighten your nest with nursery lighting

You've put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect nest for your newborn, so cast your baby's bedroom in the very best light with soothing nursery lighting. An adorable nursery lamp looks great on top of a baby dresser or nightstand and can cast the perfect glow for activities such as nursing, bedtime stories or rocking your little one to sleep. Of course, it's best not to put nursery lamps on the changing table, since baby could kick over the lamp base during a diaper changing.

Comfort your child when the lights go out with gentle nursery lighting to help them fall asleep. Equip his or her bedroom with a nightlight, which will soothe your infant as he or she cuddles with a baby blanket. If you've carefully created a color scheme or animal theme for your nest, you'll love choosing a coordinating lampshade from among our hundreds of different designs, ranging from butterflies to zebra stripes. Our nursery lampshades fit almost any standard lamp base, but if you like the ease of buying a complete lamp, many are also sold with a matching base.

Whether you're creating your dream nursery from scratch or just need a few key items to brighten up a room and make it more baby-friendly, you'll find all the right elements at Kmart. Look to nursery lighting as well as other inexpensive items, including nursery wall decor and baby curtains, to freshen up you baby's bedroom and make it a place you'll enjoy lots of sweet memories together.