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Baby Car Seats & Strollers


Baby car seats keep your little one safe on the go

While we'd love to always cocoon our newborns in a safe, cushiony bassinet, they'll be taking trips everywhere from the doctor's office to grandma's house. Ensure your infant's safety and comfort on the go with a reliable baby car seat and baby stroller. You'll find all kinds of car seats and strollers in various configurations and sizes at Kmart, so you're sure to get just the right match for your car and for your baby's age and size. 

Young infants require rear-facing car seats to prevent strain on their head and neck in the event of sudden braking. As your toddler grows up, he or she can use a front-facing car seat, depending on manufacturer guidelines about weight and age. If you want to be able to switch from car seat to stroller without unbuckling and rebuckling your baby, consider a convertible car seat. You'll discover many stroller options as well, from dual-seat strollers for larger families to umbrella strollers that protect your little one from the elements. Most car seats and strollers are stain resistant, and some feature removable cushions that can be thrown in the wash. Of course, be sure to keep plenty of baby wipes on hand for cleaning on the go. 

Whether your child is taking his or her first car trip home from the hospital or already exploring the world from the seat of his or her stroller, you'll find the perfect baby travel systems to suit you and your kiddo's lifestyle at Kmart.