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Give baby a smooth ride with car seats and strollers

When the baby gets old enough to start taking car trips, you'll need a way for him or her to ride safely in the car. Having a passenger carry the baby definitely does not provide the proper head and body support for a growing body in a moving vehicle, so bring home a new baby car seat from Kmart for peace of mind when driving. This is where you'll find all kinds of car seats in different sizes and configurations to fit any vehicle and any baby's body type.

Younger babies are at a critical stage in their development and require the most head and neck support in the car. This makes rear-facing car sets the right choice for parents of very young children. In the common event of a sudden braking, it's better for the back of a baby's head to be supported by a rear-facing seat than for his head to freely move forward. Bring home a rear-facing car seat from Pronto, Safety 1st or The First Years for maximum support for young kids. On the other hand, if you prefer to be able to see your kids in the rearview mirror while you're driving, then a forward-facing car seat from Cosco or is for you. All types of car seats lock securely into your car by using your car's seat belts as attachment points so you can take those turns and stops in peace of mind.

When you've driven to your destination and it's time to get the baby out of the car, you'll need a stroller to get wherever you're going next. Here you'll find strollers of every size and configuration to fit you and your baby's lifestyle convertible strollers from Delta Childrens, Safety 1st, Dream on me and more. Convertible strollers go from stroller mode to car seat mode in a flash, making them perfect for road trips. Dual seat strollers are perfect for those with twins, while umbrella strollers are equally useful for keeping off both the sun and rain.

Whichever car seat or stroller you settle on, you'll need to consider factors other than safety and comfort. It can get messy when your kids are eating snacks and drinking from juice boxes, so you'll also have to think about ease of cleanup. Kmart offers a wide selection of car seats with comfy synthetic cushions which resist stains and easily wipe clean. Some models from top brands like Graco Childrens Products, Instep and KIDSEmbrace even have removable cushions which can go into the washing machine. Keep a supply of baby safe cleaning products like wet wipes in your glove box or purse to keep your kids clean and happy.

It takes more than a car seat and stroller to welcome a new arrival into the home. Kmart is here to help by being your source for every baby accessory, from pacifiers to childproofing products. Bring home top-quality baby products today.