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Outdoor Shelter

Keep cars and tools protected from the elements with an outdoor shelter

If your garage isn’t big enough to hold all your outdoor tools or a second car, an outdoor shelter is a practical place to store your belongings. Installing or expanding a garage can be a time consuming and expensive project, but Kmart has a variety of car shelters to meet your needs. With a lockable outdoor shed, you can keep car detailing supplies on hand without having to search for them in the garage.

Store a trailer or boat in an outdoor shelter when not in use to keep it easily accessible without exposing it to the elements. Pop-up shelters with secure anchors let you take the canopy wherever you go, whether shielding a trailer, a vehicle or both. Whether you keep your car inside or outside, make sure to properly store any valuables and protect your car itself from theft with a car alarm

Cars, boats and tools are all significant investments, and you shouldn't leave their protection from the weather up in the air. Store those valuable tools and car care accessories in a lockable shed and start parking under a car shelter to help protect your vehicle from sun, rain, snow and hail. Find affordable outdoor shelter solutions at Kmart.