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Dash covers protect dashboards of all makes and models

When you’re driving in your car, truck or SUV, your dashboard is an essential part of your view. A dash cover can be a valuable addition to this important part of your vehicle. Besides controlling temperature and deflecting windshield glare, dash covers can help protect your car’s interior or cover up existing scratches and scuffs.

Installing dash covers to your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Many covers come with hook and loop fasteners, which are simple to securely fit the mat to your dashboard. Before installing dash covers, it’s a good idea to fully clean and detail the dash surface. Then you can cover up any dings or blemishes with a dash mat in a color that matches your car’s interior.

Just like installing universal fit seat covers helps protect your seats from the elements, adding a dash cover is a great way to preserve your car’s condition.As an added bonus, dash covers help absorb heat and cold, which helps to regulate the temperature in your car.

Kmart has a wide selection of automotive interior accessories to give a fresh look to used and older vehicles. Choose from custom-fit floor mats, detailing brushes, cleansers and protectants.

Dash covers and other car accessories enhance and preserve your car’s interior. Cruise through life more comfortably with auto supplies from Kmart.