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Water Coolers & Filter Systems

Enjoy crisp, refreshing water from a home water filtration system

Water filtration systems are convenient and economical choices for any home. While simple to operate, these systems are effective at removing impurities from tap water. Choose from handheld filter pitchers to integrated under sink models at Kmart to find the right option for your household.

Standalone water filters are low-maintenance options that require no changes to the plumbing. A basic water filter pitcher is a great choice for a dorm room or apartment. Store the self-contained unit in the refrigerator and pour a glass of ice cold, freshly filtered water whenever you'd like. If you need an option with a larger capacity, try a water cooler. The built-in filtration system can provide gallons of great-tasting water to a busy office, and many models offer cold and hot taps for extra convenience.

Fixtures like faucet mounts, countertop models and under sink systems integrate seamlessly into your current household water system. A faucet mount filters water directly from the tap. The versatile design allows you to wash dishes with plain tap water, then flip a switch to enjoy filtered water in seconds. Larger systems, like under sink models and countertop systems, offer an even greater supply of fresh water that can be paired with a water softener to transform the water quality of the entire household. Stay hydrated with a water filtration system from Kmart.