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Purify water at home with a new water filter pitcher

Use water filter pitchers to purify water quickly at home, school or work. These devices conveniently provide a cleaner water-drinking experience with little maintenance. Unlike faucet water filters, these standalone filter pitchers can be stored inside the fridge for enjoying a cold glass of purified water at any time. Find a variety of sizes and color options that complement your existing kitchen décor at Kmart.

Water filter pitchers are incredibly simple to use. While there are other options for removing additives from your water, like under sink water filters, these solutions can be more expensive and troublesome to install. A new water filter pitcher requires no installation, and after a quick rinse can be used right away.

Finding a water filter pitcher that matches your kitchen is simple with the wide range of styles, sizes and colors available at Kmart. Choose a clear pitcher for a more modern look, or pick a fun color like blue or red for more flair. If you live alone, choose a smaller six cup container, or keep the whole family hydrated with a larger pitcher that serves up to ten from a single fill. Pour cleaner, fresher tasting water from a new water filter pitcher.