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Thermostats & Accessories

Discover savings and convenience with the right thermostat

When regulating the heating and air conditioning in your home, a reliable thermostat is your means for balancing comfort and energy costs throughout the seasons. Although some thermostats are more complicated than others, they all work by setting your appliances to a target temperature and keeping them there. Even your water heater has a thermostat that keeps your water from heating up beyond a safe temperature. Generally speaking, your appliances come with thermostats built in so that you won't often have to purchase one yourself unless you need a replacement. However, when you install an HVAC system, you often have the option to choose your own thermostat.

Home thermostats come in many sizes and styles. If you have a home with great insulation and energy efficiency, you may only need a basic thermostat to maintain a stable temperature. Programmable thermostats can offer more efficiency, since you can set them so you save on heating costs by keeping the temperature lower while you are away. Many programmable models have vacation and weekend settings, meaning you only have to touch a button to specify the settings you like, instead of fiddling with many options. Programmable models also offer accurate temperature readings, which can help maximize your home system’s efficiency.

Just as you keep a window air conditioner clear of dirt and debris to maintain your home's air quality, you also need to regularly replace your home's furnace filter. Keeping your home’s appliances running like a dream is a matter of practicing proper maintenance, whether you're adding home water softeners, thermostats or water heaters. When you need an upgrade or replacement, Kmart offers a large variety of home appliances and accessories for any home project or renovation.