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Bring your kitchen to remote spaces with a portable hot plate

A hot plate can help you whip up culinary delights just about anywhere. Choose from portable units to create a mini kitchen in tiny spaces. Take a single burner unit on a camping trip to warm up stews or percolate coffee. A countertop burner is also convenient while entertaining outside your home. A double burner will keep your prize-winning chili warm during a cook-off or heat up beans at the campsite. Keep a compact electric burner tucked in a cabinet, so you can cook on the go.

Whip up a hot breakfast in a small space with an electric burner. Add a skillet to the cooktop and crank up the heat with the adjustable knob. This device features a slip-resistant base adds extra stability, whether you're cooking in an apartment or RV.

A hot plate keeps your casserole piping hot during a potluck dinner. Consider a single-burner unit will thoroughly heat your meal but won't take up precious space at the buffet table. Place the casserole dish on the burner and adjust the temperature to keep it warm without overcooking. This model is available with a quick-warming electric coil design or an efficient glass burner. Enjoy homemade food in your kitchen or on the go with an electric burner from Kmart.