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Sewing & Garment Care

Hem and mend garments with a new set of sewing supplies

Whether fixing a button or creating a new dress from scratch, a set of sewing supplies can help anyone freshen up a wardrobe. Kmart has all the basics that beginners and advanced seamstresses and tailors need to achieve professional-quality results, including a selection of garment care equipment. Mend garments, assemble crafts and more with new sewing equipment.

Just a few sewing supplies can have a major impact on the longevity of your wardrobe. An all-in-one kit containing everything from thread to needles to measuring supplies is a great choice for beginners. Easily fix a hem or stitch a button into place with a needle and a little patience. For more elaborate projects, try a mechanical or electronic machine that creates fast and even stitches with the push of a pedal. The durable results will resist wear and tear and multiple trips to the washing machine. Advanced seamstresses can even check out computerized machines that are compatible with software packages and memory cards.

If you want to really show off a great wardrobe, consider a few new garment care supplies. When dealing with delicates, a portable drying station is a great alternative to the dryer. Press out stubborn creases with a hot iron, or gently loosen wrinkles with a handheld fabric steamer. Take care of a beautiful wardrobe with new sewing supplies from Kmart.