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Cozy up to a warm fireplace

When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, a fireplace can keep the whole family nice and warm. An electric fireplace is one of the most effective ways to heat a home and it requires minimal setup and installation. There's no fuel to buy or filter to replace. Just plug it in and adjust the remote temperature control to create a personalized level of comfort. If you simply appreciate the warm glow of a fire, some electric fireplaces feature an LED-enhanced hearth with adjustable brightness levels.

Electric fireplaces come in a wide selection of styles. A freestanding unit with a mahogany or cherry wood finish makes a remarkable centerpiece for any living room, while an oscillating desktop fireplace is compact enough for a dorm room or small office. Kmart also has a wide selection of oscillating, tower or ceiling fans to help with air circulation and make your whole house comfortable.

If your home already has a built-in wood burning fireplace, accessories like spark guards and fire sets help keep your chimney well maintained. An electric fireplace can also be an effective way to supplement the heat of an existing furnace or wood burning stove. Stay home by the fireplace from Kmart all season long.