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Heating appliances make any home warmer and cozier

Even during the coldest winters, your home can stay toasty warm with the help of high-tech heating appliances. Rather than turning up the thermostat for the entire house, heaters raise the temperature of specific areas with electric or propane-fueled power. Kmart carries models for heating both indoor and outdoor settings to make any environment more comfortable

Indoor heating appliances feature easy-to-use controls and built-in safety features, making them convenient and efficient options for the winter months. Try a fan heater or ceramic model to warm up the office. The compact design is small enough to fit on your desktop or next to the humidifier on the floor. Radiator heaters and electric fireplaces are larger options for a living room or den. Radiators are easy to roll from room to room with a set of casters, while electric fireplaces enhance the temperature as well as the ambiance of the space.

Outdoor heaters are ideal for entertaining. Add a tall patio heater to the deck on a crisp, fall night. From stainless steel to woven wicker, these high-tech heaters look refined while delivering tremendous warmth. A decorative fire pit is an elegant fixture for the backyard. The sophisticated designs, like mosaic tile and hammered bronze, surround a flickering flame in the center of the piece. Stay comfortable year-round with heating appliances from Kmart.