Disney Girls' Toys

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      Engage your little ones many interests with girls' toys

      If you're looking for a great gift for your daughter or another special little girl in your life, search for girls toys at Kmart to find the perfect gift for a birthday, holiday or just because. At Kmart, we have a wide variety of toys for girls of all ages, whether you're looking for cute pink toys for a baby, or games a teenager will love. For generations, girls have been playing with baby dolls, animals, dress up clothes and toys. At Kmart, we have everything from classic Barbie toys and dolls to modern mystery games for girls. So no matter how old the special girl in your life is, Kmart has the variety and selection you need to find the perfect gift.

      Young girls love to pretend to be grown-ups by playing pretend. At Kmart, we have tons of dress-up clothes, dress-up accessories, play kitchens, baby dolls and anything else your little girl wants so she can act just like mom and dad. Little girls who like to be fancy need plenty of dresses and shoes for tea parties, royal events and fairy-led mischief. At Kmart, we have fun accessories such as fairy wings, wands, whimsical head pieces that will help your little use her imagination to become part of a magical world. When it comes to pretending, some little girls like to do the things their moms do. She works just like her mother in play doctors outfits, toy computers and miniature firefighter and police officer costumes. For those who'd rather bake than compute, we have tons of kitchen and housekeeping playsets that will let your daughter have fun with chores, sweeping the floor right beside mom and dad. Your little one will love to host tea parties, play restaurant and even bake real treats with our Easy-Bake Ovens.

      At Kmart, we also have hundreds of collectible dolls, baby dolls, doll playsets and accessories girls love to play with at all ages. For those little girls who want to be mommies, Baby alive dolls are a great choice. These battery-powered dolls move, laugh, cry and sleep just like real babies, giving your girls something to take care of. She'll be able to dress them up with our Baby Alive accessories line. If you want to give her a truly custom doll for a present, take her shopping with our What a Doll toys collection. She'll be able to create her own doll with her choice of hair color, clothing and accessories from scratch. If your

      If the little girl in your life isn't necessarily a fan of dress-up clothes, or if she's too old to play with dolls, Kmart has plenty of arts and crafts, musical instruments and games that girls love to play. People of all ages love to express their creativity through the arts. If your daughter loves music, you might want to get her a toy piano, toy guitar or toy wind instruments. Get a few pieces so she can have fun pretending to play music with her friends. At Kmart, we also have tons of arts and crafts activities, such as craft kits, clay and pottery, painting supplies, drawing and coloring accessories and more.

      If you're looking for the perfect gift for the girl in your life, shop Kmart for thousands of different toys and activities for girls. We can help you find the perfect toy, no matter what little lady you're buying for.

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