Safety should always be the number-one concern when repairs or maintenance to a lawn tractor are needed. A tractor lift from Kmart makes it possible to get room and visibility under the machine without compromising safety. The Ohio Steel Zero Turn Tractor Lift is perfect for DIY-ers. The lift features all steel construction, 10-inch pneumatic tires and height adjustment. The Powerlift Lawn Tractor and Mower Lift is versatile and can be used with lawn tractors, push mowers or for servicing an ATV.
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Use Heavy-Duty Lifts to Repair or Enhance Your Riding Lawn Mower

Using lifts makes it much easier to do repairs or add attachments to your riding lawn mower. Kmart carries a selection of name brand heavy-duty lifts that support up to 750 pounds. If you need to replace a tractor blade or just want to perform a tune-up, then you require a sturdy lift to make your job much easier.

If you plan to install a Craftsman mulch kit on your yard tractor, the MoJack EZ Lawn Mower Lift can help. Use the spin handle to easily lift the mower to the desired height, and install the mulching blade of your choice. Using the MoJack EZ Lawn Mower Lift makes it much easier to replace a tractor blade, and the lift gives you more area to work with when compared to a standard ramp.

Replacing tractor belts and blades is easy when you use a Craftsman tractor lift. The lift features a stabilizer bar that prevents your mower from swaying or leaning when lifted, and the simple lever action makes it simple to lift the mower from the front or the rear. When the lift is not in use, it folds away for easy storage, and its ergonomic T-handle provides added comfort when lifting. Use the Craftsman lift to adjust the tractor's height. Afterward, replace the blades, or install a new Snapper PTO belt more easily. When you use a lift, you have more room to work even in the smallest garage.

Whether you're changing the oil or installing miscellaneous tractor accessories, an Ohio Steel tractor lift improves your productivity. With the tractor at the desired height, you can easily place a Blitz Less Mess oil drain beneath the mower. After draining the oil, install a new Craftsman Briggs & Stratton oil filter before refilling the oil tank. A lift also helps you change the tractor's tires or to make repairs on the axles. Lift the tractor to install an MTD wheel kit or Craftsman universal wheel bolts in place, and take the hard work out of making tire repairs on the floor.

When you invest in heavy-duty lifts for the riding mower, you make it easier to perform repairs and installations on your tractor. Shop at Kmart for the biggest inventory of professional tractor attachments and lawn care accessories for your riding mower.


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