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Terms and Conditions of Lifetime Guarantee


Effective May 13, 2016 (“Effective Date”), Kmart offers a Lifetime Guarantee on certain trees, shrubs, and perennials (“Lifetime Guarantee”) purchased at a Kmart store to the original purchaser.  Purchase of certain trees, shrubs or perennials from Kmart entitles you to a replacement of a dead plant under most circumstances.


Plants covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.  Lifetime Guarantee applies to select trees, shrubs, and perennials purchased at a Kmart store on or after the Effective Date and designated on your original receipt by the letters, “LT”, next to the product description (“Guaranteed Plants”).  Annuals, houseplants, tropicals, seeds, bulbs, and seasonal plants including, but not limited to, Christmas trees, poinsettias, and Easter lilies are excluded.   Restrictions and exclusions apply.   


Exclusions:  Guarantee applies only to plants planted in the ground and planted in the recommended USDA Plant Hardiness Zones.   Guarantee is non-transferable and valid only for the original purchaser.    Guarantee does not apply to abused plants or plants damaged or destroyed by mechanical (vehicles, snow plows, mowers, etc.).  Plants must be planted and cared for according to the instructions on the plant information tag which accompanies the plant.   Guarantee does not apply to plants purchased for commercial use or resale.  Guarantee applies to qualifying plants sold by Kmart.  Labor and transport incidental to planting replacement is not included.   We reserve the right to limit or refuse any lifetime guarantee or exchange at our discretion.   We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this program.


Lifetime Guarantee Instructions.    In the event your Guaranteed Plant dies, return the Guaranteed Plant remains along with the original receipt to any Kmart store to receive an exchange for the same plant or, if the same plant is not available, a plant of equal value (based on the original purchase price).  EXCHANGES WILL NOT BE GIVEN WITHOUT RETURNING THE PLANT REMAINS FOR CONFIRMATION AND IDENTIFICATION AND PROOF OF PURCHASE, NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Create the perfect-looking lawn with lawn and garden equipment from Kmart

Spring is in the air, that means backyard barbecues and pool parties are on the way; time to put away the snow shovels and break out the grill, jump ropes and bocce ball set. Your lawn will be coming back to life soon to replace the snow with fresh green grass and bright, colorful flowers. With the right lawn and garden equipment, you can make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Shop at Kmart for lawn mowers to keep your grass lush and trim, gardening tools to help your plants bloom and outdoor storage to keep everything locked up in one convenient spot.

Lawn mowers come in a variety of types to suit every kind of lawn. You can't go wrong with a basic push mower, whether it puts the cut grass in a bag or discharges it to the side. For something a little more high-tech, check out our selection of self-propelled lawn mowers. These models have a motor that saves you from struggling to push it up hills and around gas grills. Or for something a little more rustic, check out an old-fashioned reel mower. Manual reel mowers require more effort to push, but are much quieter and often don't require gas.

For the more manual tasks ahead, you'll need solid handheld tools like rakes, shovels, pruners and hoes. To many people, working in their garden is an act of love; get the most out of this meditative activity by performing it with high-quality aerators and cultivators to give your budding plants the fertile soil they need. When autumn comes and the foliage begins to fall, remember that if you let wet leaves lie on your lawn too long, they can suffocate the grass. So keep a rake handy so your lawn looks neat and tidy. Whether you're looking out the window or lying in the hammocks, you always want your lawn to look its best.

Once you've equipped yourself with all the tools to get the job done, you'll need a place to store them. People with small lawns and gardens might be able to get by with keeping everything in the garage, but if you do a lot of outside work you should definitely look into getting a shed or other storage solutions. Here at Kmart you can find storage ranging from small deck boxes to attractive cedar sheds that even serve as part of your outdoor decor. For those with a green thumb, you can also find greenhouses here to help your flowers, vegetables and other plants grow even when the weather is less than ideal.

The outside of any house is a reflection of the people inside, so keep your lawn trim looking lush and trimmed. Here at Kmart, we offer a great variety of lawn and garden equipment from trusted brands like Barnel USA, Suncast and Weedeater. Shop today for the tools you need to keep your law looking immaculate.