Lawn Sweepers & Vacs

      Lawn sweepers and vacuums significantly reduce the amount of time needed to keep a lawn looking neat and staying healthy. Kmart carries sweepers and vacs for home and professional use. The Agri-Fab 26" Push Lawn Sweeper is simple to use; just push it across the lawn to pick up leaves, lawn clippings and other debris. For heavy-duty lawn care, the Craftsman 42-inch High Speed Sweeper is made to tow behind a lawn tractor and clean large spaces quickly with its impressive 42-inch cleaning swath. The Craftsman Speed Sweeper makes it fun to remove even wet leaves or pine needles in a snap.
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      Enhance Your Lawn with Lawn Sweepers and Vacs from Kmart

      Whether it's summer or fall, use lawn sweepers and vacs to remove unwanted yard debris and dead leaves from your lawn. Kmart carries a complete selection of name brand tractor attachments to help you enhance your lawn's appearance. Dead leaves weigh down the grass and prevent sunlight and nutrients from reaching the roots. With a lawn sweeper, you complete the job in 90 percent less time than it takes to use a rake and a wheelbarrow.

      However, you want to secure your lawn sweeper in place; otherwise, it could detach from the mower on slopes and uneven terrain. With Craftsman hitches and hitch pins, your tractor attachment stays right where you want it. If the sweeper sways as you drive, stabilize it with a Great Day hitch stabilizer. Alternatively, use the Briggs & Stratton hitch kit to mount almost any heavy-duty tractor attachment to your mower or ATV.

      Along with lawn sweepers, chipper vacs help you remove unwanted branches from your lawn. In every season, wind and storms knock down tree limbs and smaller branches in your yard. With the Craftsman Professional chipper vac, you can easily remove up to two-inch diameter tree branches in less time. Afterward, use the leftover material in flowerbeds or gardens. After operating the chipper vac, attach the Agri-Fab 42-inch tow lawn sweeper to the riding tractor, and pick up the remaining leaves in the yard.

      Investing in tractor attachments boosts your performance when landscaping your lawn or commercial property. While lawn sweepers and chipper vacs work best for picking up leaves and larger yard debris, bagger attachments collect grass and leaf clippings as you mow. Craftsman six-bushel two-bin mesh baggers hold more contents, so you spend more time mowing the lawn and less time emptying the bags. The bagger detaches easily from the mower so that you can empty the contents with less fuss. Alternatively, spread the clippings back onto your lawn to create natural compost that enriches the soil and strengthens the grass.

      You want to maintain the look of your lawn in every season, and lawn sweepers and vacs help you by removing more leaves and yard debris in less time. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for the best selection of affordable, heavy-duty tractor attachments and lawn care equipment for your riding mower.

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