Portable Generators

      A portable generator from Kmart should be part of your disaster preparedness kit. But, emergencies aren't the only reason to have a generator. They're also useful for camping or to keep in an RV. Compact units like the Powerhouse 2000Wi are easy to use and transport while still providing a lot of power. The Powerhouse 2000Wi is also quiet enough to use in a public campsite and has low emissions. The Briggs and Stratton Storm Responder 5500 Watt Generator pumps out enough power to run a washer and dryer, and with a seven-gallon fuel tank, it can run for up to 13 hours.
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      Portable Generators Can Save The Day During An Emergency

      A tornado may never rumble through your city, destroying thousands of homes and businesses and disrupting power for weeks. A hurricane may never strike your area, flooding 80 percent of the entire city and leaving thousands without power for more than six weeks. But with a portable generator you can handle a power outage, whether it's for a day or two or a couple of weeks. At Kmart, you'll find an assortment of durable portable generators. It's best to look for a generator that can handle a load of 5,000 to 6,000 watts. That would take care of the average refrigerator, which uses up about 700 watts of power, along with several outlets to power lamps or to recharge phones and computers at about 200 watts each. A portable generator isn't going to keep the central air going, but it should be powerful enough to also handle the 3,000 watts required for a large air-conditioner.

      If you're looking for more protection from possible blackouts, consider a standby generator. This type of generator is wired into your home's electrical system and automatically turns on when the power is out. The advantage of standby generators is the ease of operation. You don't have to carry and then set up a portable generator. Standby generators are also powerful enough to keep everything running in your home. Portable generators are much less expensive options, but if you're looking for peace of mind, a standby generator is the clear choice.

      If you have a portable generator, it's important to keep some generator accessories on hand. An extension cord is a natural choice. Another good idea is a generator maintenance kit. Make sure you choose a kit with the proper grade of oil recommended for your generator. You may also be interested in a wheel kit. The wheels install quickly on the bottom of your generator to make it much easier to move during a blackout.

      In addition to a generator and accessories, power tool batteries should always be on hand in the event of an emergency. The batteries can be charged from a generator or car. There are many scenarios in which working tools, such as a chainsaw, can make a huge difference during a storm or other emergency.

      Preparation is the key to handling an emergency. That's why it makes sense to buy a generator and batteries for power tools before a calamity occurs. Shop at Kmart for a wide selection of generators and batteries for portable tools that are from trusted companies such as Energy Storm, Lifan and Craftsman.

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