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      Don't let storms turn off your lights

      Whether you need to bring power to remote places or simply make sure your electricity doesn't go out, generators offer the perfect solution. Portable generators let you take a source of energy wherever you need it, while permanent versions work to restore power when the normal grid fails. Kmart offers a large selection of both types of generator units to cover all your needs.

      Portable generators work wherever you need power. They're also good emergency generators, and homeowners often prefer this type to handle storm-related power outages. Most portable generators use gasoline to produce their electricity, so you don't need any special hookups to get them going.

      When you need a generator to kick in within seconds after a power failure, a standby generator is the perfect long term solution. These generators are typically larger than portable units. They're installed in a permanent place. When your normal power supply fails, they automatically come online. Your building's power system is safely switched over to use the generator as its source. When the main power grid is working again, they automatically switch your building back over and return to standby mode.

      To get the most out of your generator, you'll likely need some essential generator accessories. If you're a homeowner, be sure to pick up good extension cords and adapters for your system. Rejuvenate an old portable generator stand with new wheels. If you have a standby generator system with multiple machines, add Generac load balancers and switches to make sure work is evenly distributed between your units.

      With all of the generator options you'll find at Kmart, you'll never need to worry about the lights going out. Order online at Kmart today for reasonable prices and convenient delivery to your home or building.