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Access immediate power in any environment with portable generators

When you need electricity quickly, a generator is a convenient and effective solution. Whether dealing with the aftermath of a storm or just enjoying an outdoor camping trip, these portable devices can deliver power just about anywhere. Kmart has portable and solar models, as well as emergency power supplies and accessories.

Keep a home generator on hand and you'll be prepared for any scenario. If a surprise blackout leaves the household in the dark, grab the emergency power supply or standby generator to keep lights and important appliances running. These easy-to-use devices ensure that you can charge your phone or check the news in an emergency. Keep a compact model in the closet for easy access or store a larger model in the storage shed for heavy-duty power.

Generators are also terrific in remote settings that are too far away for an extension cord. Portable generators are great options for a camping trip in the woods. The built-in wheels make transportation easy, so you can carry a portable model to the RV or tent. For eco-friendly power, try a set of solar panels. These flat panels collect the sun's rays and convert them into electricity. Install them in sunny areas, like on the roof of your greenhouse or on the deck of a boat. Stay charged and ready for anything with a home generator from Kmart.