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      Rely on home generators to keep the power on

      Instead of letting storms, blackouts and other emergencies leave you in the dark, make sure you have a home generator to back you up when the power goes out. You'll be able to keep important lights on and keep the fridge running so your food doesn't spoil with a backup power source. At Kmart, we carry a variety of generators, including portable generators, standby generators, solar generators and more. Invest in a standby generator powerful enough to power your entire home, or choose a smaller generator to keep the essentials going in an emergency.

      If you want your house to keep running as if the power had never been lost, look for a standby generator. We have standby generators for all sizes of homes and businesses When you have a standby generator, you’ll be able to ensure you have enough power to prevent pipes bursting in cold weather or food in your refrigerator or freezer spoiling. Most of our standby generators have flexible power options so you can select the level of backup power you need for your home. Several of our generators have advanced electronics that will detect a power outage and automatically start the generator, so you don’t have to worry when you’re not home.

      We also carry portable generators that offer versatility but aren't designed to power an entire home. Portable generators are great for powering a few specific things, such as cell phone chargers, space heaters or your refrigerator in emergencies. Some portable generators are even powerful enough to run larger appliances, such as a washer and dryer.  They can also get corded tools like your electric pressure washer running even when you're away from an outlet. Having a portable generator can also be useful for camping or keeping in your RV, so you can power your life, even on the move.

      You could even  use a portable generator to power your music system, lights and other backyard fun when you throw a party When you shop at Kmart, you’ll be sure to find the perfect generator, whether you want a portable generator to power your air tools at the job site, or a standby generator that will allow you to power your entire home when a storm knocks out power.