Spy Gadgets & Cameras

      Power up playtime with spy gadgets and cameras. Get your child's imagination revving with rear-view glasses, bionic eyes and night scopes. They will find new adventures are around every corner. Set up an obstacle course with laser beams or send secret messages with a voice scrambler. Have a birthday party coming up? Instead of a scavenger hunt, prepare a secret spy mission to lead to the birthday cake or party favors. It'll make you the favorite parent on the block and give your child a party he or she will never forget.
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      Spy gadgets for kids from Kmart are fun and affordable

      Kids will have so much fun playing with high-tech spy gadgets and accessories. You can find everything they need to pretend to be a private investigator, a secret agent and more. When your little guys want to go on covert missions at night look for toy night scopes that feature red lenses and a special spotlight for increased visibility in the dark. The kids can also listen to conversations from across the room with the specialty listening devices. For the junior investigator, evidence kits will a variety of tools offer hours of spy fun, keeping your child busy collecting evidence, detecting culprits and more.

      To add more fun to your kids' spy days, the child playing the villain can send messages through toy vehicles and remote control toys. With a variety of vehicles for every age group from trusted name brands, there's something for everyone. Older kids will love creating unique ways of utilizing the remote control cars, while younger children can also have fun pretending they're a truck driver on a mission with the toddler trucks. If they really want to pretend they're driving, though, there's nothing better than hooking some important spy gear up in their Power Wheels toys and cruising the neighborhood.

      Pretending to be a spy is a fun outdoor activity. If you've got a playset, like one of the many Backyard Discovery outdoor toys, your kids can easily set up a home base fort and use their spy gadgets to keep tabs on their pals. There's nothing more exciting to a kid than having all of their gear stored safely in their fort, so fill a rain-proof toy crate and keep it on the platform so that your kids can pretend to be top secret agents any time.

      When your kids are pretending to be spies, villains and more, the creative possibilities are endless. Little secret agents and spies everywhere can benefit from using interactive toys in their play as well. With noisemakers and talking animals to use as distractions, your kids can be creative in their use of toys with spy play.

      Shop Kmart today for fun toys and games for kids of all ages. You'll love how spy gadgets for kids and accessories to match can boost your child's creativity. Watch your kids play the most interesting games when you get them the gear they want at Kmart.


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