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      Shop Kmart for Lovable Interactive Plush Toys

      Plush toys have evolved from simple bedtime companions to animated characters that walk and talk on their own. At Kmart, you'll find affordable interactive plush toys that keep your child active and entertained.

      The soft, cuddly nature of plush toys is comforting to children of all ages. These toys make great pretend pets, letting your toddler care for an animal for the first time. Nurture a newborn chimpanzee rescued from the wild or take a lively puppy for a walk. Top brands like Fur Real offer lifelike plush toys that feed a child's vivid imagination.

      Plush toys teach kids about the animals in their environment. Woodland critters by Zhu Zhu Pets make realistic noises and move around, interacting with items in their included playset. Kids will enjoy chasing little rabbits, raccoons and skunks around the house, and they'll get lots of exercise too!

      Learning toys are a fun way to occupy a busy toddler. Plush animals like the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy play silly songs and teach kids about letters, colors and parts of the body. Educational plush toys stimulate your baby's growing brain while keeping them amused.

      Plush toys feature some of your child's favorite characters, such as Elmo and Mickey Mouse. Character toys come with exciting accessories for a truly interactive experience. Your child will love watching Mickey dance and play guitar or choosing instruments to help Elmo perform his favorite songs.

      Interactive technology adds new life to traditional toys. Trade your old-fashioned rocking horse for a Happy Trails plush rocker that makes animal sounds while your child rides. Interactive rockers come in many forms, from roaring tigers to cuddly bears.

      Interactive plush toys are soft and snuggly when your child needs a friend, and active when it's time for an adventure. Shop Kmart for fantasy and realistic plush toys that make loyal pets for imaginative kids.

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