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      Kids Clay Art Gives Homes a Cute Touch

      Children of all ages enjoy literally getting their hands into craft projects. Kmart stocks a variety of popular clays, modeling doughs and play sets that let kids unleash their imaginations through clay art with tangible results.

      If your kids have been doing crafts for any length of time, chances are that you've accumulated a lot more than a few boxes of modeling clay or tubs of Play-Doh. Household storage boxes keep everything organized in one place so that your child can find just what he or she needs when starting a new project. Plus keeping clay, play sets, kid-sized pottery wheels and other accessories in a single storage area helps ensure that your child won't leave things out for you to step on or trip over. Kids also learn to clean up after themselves and take care of their craft items so that everything remains in good condition for future uses.

      Even with a good storage system, though, accidents can happen. Clay messes are different from messes made with markers or paints since modeling clays and doughs can get stuck on shoes and potentially wind up ground into the carpet. Having a few basic cleaning products on hand takes the worry out of these mishaps by allowing you to clean up any spills or smudges right away. Encouraging kids to carefully check their art area when they're done with projects also helps to keep messes at a minimum.

      Once your kids have created a few personal masterpieces with clay or modeling dough, you're sure to want to display them for everyone to see. Accent tables give you just the right sort of place to put these childhood works of art. From simple wooden side tables that incorporate shelves into their designs to sleek, modern glass pieces with rounded shapes and minimalist styles, you're sure to find something that fits your home decor while providing a great display area for your kids' unique creations.

      Whatever types of clay projects your child enjoys, it's fun to be able to display the results around the house. Check out Kmart for a variety of products that allow your kids to be creative and give you a way to show off completed pieces.

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