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      Fix anything in your home with tool sets from Kmart

      Even the handiest handyman can't do much without the right tools for the job. From assembling a simple desk to doing detailed work on a car or electrical system, you need high-quality tool sets to make it happen effectively and safely. You can find tool kits in a wide range of sizes, from single tools to 160-piece sets in a convenient carrying case. Whether you just need a simple screwdriver, a sturdy hammer or a cordless drill, you're in the right place to find what you're looking for at Kmart.

      It's always a good idea to start with the basics. For general purpose tools, you'll want to start your search with our home owner tool sets. These are multipurpose kits with all the most common and versatile tools. Most will include a hammer, needle nose pliers and a crescent wrench, plus a variety of screwdriver heads. These can come in the form of many separate screwdrivers, or a ratcheting screwdriver with detachable screw heads and different socket sizes. An Allen wrench set can be useful for putting together furniture that requires assembly.

      The basics aren't always enough if you have a need for more tools. Fixing up the car? You'll want to browse the auto body tool kits and mechanic's tool kits. You can find a huge selection of ratcheting and flat wrenches long enough to reach under your car's frame or deep into its engine. If your car has bumps or dents, take a look at a dent remover to help pull your car's sheet metal back into position. You know how expensive going to a mechanic can be. Making the relatively small investment of a good tool kit can save you big bucks in the long run.

      If your needs are more specific, try a more specialized tool. You can find a piece hook and pick set to help separate tiny wires and remove fasteners. A cordless drill is helpful when you have drilling to do outside, far away from any wall plugs. An electrician's tool kit is often insulated for safety and contains screwdrivers, pliers and wire splicers. If you work with wood, head on over to the woodworking and carpenter's tool sets.

      Having a tool set is so convenient. Tool kits contain a variety of commonly used tools, so odds are good you'll have what you need when something breaks. Whether you're working on furniture or the car, you never want to be without the right tools. Shop for tool sets today at Kmart, and always be prepared when your handyman skills are called for.

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