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Get ready for Easter with these Easter supplies from Kmart


Easter is a fun-filled family holiday that signals the coming of warmer weather and a sunny spring. One of the best parts of Easter is putting away all those winter supplies like heavy blankets, Christmas wreaths and candles and replacing them with flowers, bunnies and Easter baskets. At Kmart, you can shop for the Easter party supplies you need to get your home ready for this holiday, including baskets, decorations and stuffed animals for the kids. Check out our selection to make the most of this upcoming holiday.

No Easter is complete without an Easter basket full of goodies for the kids. Filling an Easter basket with toys, candy and other snack foods is a beloved tradition that communicates to your children that this is an important day to remember. Whether you choose a traditional Easter basket made of wicker or wire, or a paperboard basket with an image of your kids' favorite cartoon characters, you'll have a great place to put your gifts together in a decorative way. An Easter basket is also a convenient place for your kids to put the eggs they find during their Easter egg hunts.

Decking your home with festive Easter decorations is a great way to usher in the holiday and the coming spring. Spring seasonal items make a radical departure from winter items by taking on a completely different color scheme. So ditch the dark colors of January and February, and embrace the pastel hues of dyed eggs and blooming flowers for Easter. Put your salt and pepper in egg-shaped shakers, or hang a floral welcome sign on your door to create an inviting entrance for guests and visiting Easter bunnies.

One great gift idea for your kids is an Easter plush toy. Because spring is the season of new life, it's often represented by cute baby animals that make for great stuffed animals and spring decorations. Give your kids a new companion with a bunny, chick or duckling that they can cuddle with and bring to church, grandma's house or wherever you go this Easter Sunday. They make a great addition to your kids' baskets, no matter where you celebrate the holiday.

Winter is on the way out, and summer will be here soon. Before that happens, though, take time to appreciate the beauty of spring and the festive atmosphere of Easter. Here at Kmart we offer a great selection of Easter baskets, decorations, stuffed animals and more Easter supplies to help you make the most of your holiday.