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      Give Your Pet Chewable Dog Toys from Kmart

      Avoid destroyed shoes, clothing and furniture when you give your pet chewable dog toys. Kmart carries a range of dog toys for your pet including chew toys, plush toys and rope and tug toys, such as the JW Pet Company Duck Dummies rubber and rope toy. Play tug-of-war with your dog with the Pet Lou gorilla chew toy with its long, furry arms, and play fetch with its new Anima International plaid rubber ducky.

      Train your dog to be more obedient when you use dog behavior control products from Grannick's and Hartz. Grannick's Bitter Apple pump spray for dogs contains a powerful taste deterrent that discourages your pet from biting, chewing, gnawing or clawing your carpet, shoes and furniture. In addition, spray Hartz anti-chew spray to prevent your dog from destroying your personal possessions.

      Use dog crates to keep your pet from destroying the furniture and scratching the doors when you leave home. Choose from carriers, portable kennel crates and stationary crates, and select from a variety of materials such as canvas, cloth, metal and plastic. Choose dog crates ranging in size from extra small to dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds. Whether you need a crate for your dog when you leave home or for carrying it to the vet, Majestic Pet Products and Sportsman Series pet kennels and crates provide the necessary room for your dog.

      If you enjoy dressing your dog in clothes or need to keep it warm in the winter, choose brand name dog apparel from Pet Life, Anima International and Simply Dog. Paws Aboard and Bark Bone are also available, such as Bark Bone embroidered springtime hoodies and doggy t-shirts. Protect your pet in the winter with a Pet Life parka and its faux fur-lined removable hood. Colorful and comical styles are available, such as the As Seen on TV Snuggie in pink and the Anima International red top with printed hearts. From fleece pajamas to doggy t-shirts, you can find the pet apparel that fits the size of your dog.

      Allow your pet to chew on dog toys rather than your shoes and furniture. Shop Kmart for an affordable collection of dog toys, crates and apparel for your beloved animal.

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