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      Help your kiddo learn science and math with calculators

      When it comes to preparing for a new school year, a few items are essential: paper, pens, binders and a calculator. Younger kids may not be allowed to bring calculators to math class, but as children get older, they need calculators to help them find the answers to complex math and science problems. Whether your son or daughter is studying algebra, geometry, physics or chemistry, he or she will need a reliable calculator to count on during exams and study sessions. If your child's school supply kit doesn't include a quality calculator, check out Kmart's collection of scientific calculators, graphing calculators and more.

      Scientific calculators solve complex problems

      While basic calculators perform simple functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you'll need a graphing calculator or scientific calculator for more complicated math problems. If you or your child need to work with statistics or logarithms, invest in a high-quality graphing calculator from one of the renowned brands that Kmart carries. Scientific calculators are cheaper and less comprehensive than graphing calculators but can still perform functions such as square roots, degrees and exponents. Of course, a pen and paper is always a good back-up, so be sure to pick up a few writing instruments as well.

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