Rear Tine Tillers

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      Cultivate Your Garden with Rear Tine Tillers from Kmart

      Creating a garden takes a lot of hard work and determination, but you can cut down on your workload when you use rear tine tillers from Kmart. Kmart offers a vast selection of heavy-duty rear and front tine tillers for use in your garden. For power and efficiency, check out the Craftsman 205cc counter-rotating rear tine tiller. Its rugged cast-iron gear drive transmission is powerful enough to handle the toughest garden jobs.

      While the rear tine tiller works well on its own, adding tiller attachments improves the machine even more. Create perfectly spaced rows at the precise depth you want with the Craftsman 10-inch furrower tiller attachment. It attaches easily to the tiller's depth stake, and it adjusts to the depth you want with the included clevis pin. With furrower and dethatcher attachments available, you can transform your tiller into multiple tools for gardening.

      Tiller and cultivator attachments are also available for garden tractors and other riding lawn mowers. A manual rear tine tiller gives you full control as you work the soil, but you can get even more work done in less time with a tractor and a tiller attachment. If you have to till a larger area, then attach the tiller accessory to a Craftsman garden tractor to reduce your workload. With smaller gardens, the Craftsman 208cc dual-rotating rear tine tiller offers an electric start mechanism and foam grips that provide the ultimate comfort while tilling the garden.

      After tilling the garden, you want to ensure that the area has plenty of moisture to promote plant growth. Attach a Ray Padula Eco Spray nozzle to your garden hose, and spray the area with about an inch or two of water. However, if you don't have time to stand in the garden with a hose, then the Craftsman oscillating sprinkler can help. It provides a constant stream that covers an area up to 3,250 square feet. Its Rezimar base prevents rolling and tilting due to water pressure, and its patented heart-shaped cam prevents standing water at each end.

      Take control of your garden chores with rear tine tillers that offer power and durability in one. Whether it's a Craftsman tiller attachment or a new irrigation system, shop at Kmart for even more affordable lawn and garden supplies for all of your landscaping needs.


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