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Invest in Attachments, Parts & Accessories for Your Tillers and Cultivators

Your tiller can do more than you thought. When you invest in attachments, parts and accessories, you enhance your machine and get more done in the garden. Kmart carries a full selection of heavy-duty attachments for front and rear tine tillers. Whether you're working in your own backyard or on a commercial project, find the parts and accessories you need for your machine at Kmart.

If you use a mini cultivator, then you have plenty of accessories to maximize your productivity when using the machine. While the tiller works beautifully in the garden, you can get even more work done in the lawn. Use the Earthquake dethatcher attachment kit for your front tine tiller, and remove unwanted thatch buildup in your lawn. Thatch occurs when dead stems and roots intermingle with live grass, which leads to unhealthy patches in the yard. The dethatcher kit installs easily and lets you remove thatch almost instantly.

Before using a spreader to lay down seed in your garden, you want to create evenly spaced rows in the soil. Use your rear tine tiller with the Craftsman 10-inch furrower attachment to create rows with the perfect depth for seeding. While the furrower attachment only weighs five pounds, its heavy-duty steel construction withstands years of constant abuse. Adjust the furrower on the tiller's depth stake using the included clevis pin. You can even manage the depth you need with very little effort.

Just as lawn tractors require tire chains and wheel weights to gain more traction in the snow, you may require more weight on your tiller to dig deeper into the soil. Mini tillers may not have enough weight to penetrate the soil at the depth you need, so attach the Craftsman 4-cycle mini tiller weight box to the machine. It requires no tools to install the box; just attach it to the tiller, and fill the weight box with water or sand. The added weight helps the machine dig deeper and work even quicker than before.

It only takes a few simple attachments, parts and accessories to enhance your front and rear tine tillers. Whether you require a little more weight, or you just need to create a different tool for the job, shop Kmart for the best selection of affordable lawn and garden supplies and accessories online.


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