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Packed snow and ice on your property are a major hazard and can't be removed by a snow plow, but a salt spreader makes it easy to make the problem melt away. Here at Kmart, we stock several types of salt spreaders to match your needs, big or small. Try a handheld spreader for little jobs, like your porch steps, and a walk-behind spreader for sidewalks and other medium-sized areas. For the big jobs, like long driveways, turn to our vehicle-mounted salt spreaders to evenly spread salt over a large area. Then all you'll need is a big bag of salt, and you'll be ready to go!

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Use Salt Spreaders to Prevent Ice Build-Up on Your Driveway

Salt spreaders let you lay down more salt and anti-snow products with less effort involved. Kmart provides a large inventory of snow removal equipment from Bare Ground and Meyer, such as the Bare Ground hand spreader and the Meyer Hot Shot walk-behind salt spreader. While the hand spreader works well for smaller areas such as patios and decks, the Hot Shot 70-pound capacity spreader lets you cover larger areas in less time.

With a salt spreader, you can prepare for a snowstorm before it happens. Using ice melt and traction control products such as Bare Ground liquid deicer, you set up a preventative barrier between the snow and your driveway or sidewalk. Coated Ice Melt works quickly to melt snow as it falls so that you have less shoveling to do later.

When you use salt spreaders ahead of time, you spend less time in the cold with the electric snowblower. Power Smart 9-amp snowblowers work well for removing light snow from walkways and sidewalks. With a larger, more powerful 13.5-amp Snow Joe snowblower, you have all that you need to clear the driveway and blow the snow up to 40 feet away. Compared to a gas-powered snowblower, the electric version always has a constant stream of power, which means you never have to stop in the middle of working to refill the gas tank. However, you can use both models to remove snow and ice without much effort.

Preparing for winter means collecting the items you need beforehand. When you invest in snow removal accessories such as HeatTrak snow-melting walkway mats, you always have a clear path leading from the house to the mailbox or car. When you're using the spreader or blower, stay protected from the wind and cold with a Classic Accessories snowblower cab. Alternatively, use a Craftsman tractor cab to keep you shielded from the cold as you plow the driveway or sidewalk. From Explorer synthetic snowblower oil to drift cutter kits, you have access to accessories that make your wintry duties much easier.

Using salt spreaders ahead of the storm prevents ice and snow build-up; however, you can still clear the path and add ice melt after a sudden snowstorm. Shop Kmart online or at the store for a bigger selection of affordable snow removal equipment and accessories this winter.


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