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Pressure Washers

Keep your home looking like new with a pressure washer from Kmart

Pressure washers are versatile machines that help make quick work of jobs around the house and garage. These machines are easy to use and loaded with many features that make them versatile for both homeowners and the professionals. Having the right pressure washer makes cleaning grills, washing windows, cleaning decks and lawn furniture quick and easy. Kmart has an excellent selection of affordable, quality pressure washers to fit any budget.

Power washers have ratings ranging from 1,000 up to 4,000 PSI for commercial models. When purchasing a power washer, it’s important to consider the power rating carefully. Most power washers have adjustable pressure, and it's typically best to start on  lower settings until you gain a handle on different jobs' demands. If you are washing a car, you’ll want to use a lower psi than you would for cleaning your deck. Higher-powered machines can easily damage the finish on your car or even split the wood on your deck if you're not careful. Professionals use power washers to remove paint and refinish wood decks. In some cases, however, you’ll want the assistance of specialized air tools, such as a sand blaster, for the toughest paint removal jobs.

Power washers are either electric- or gas-powered. Electric power washers have cords, which make them very easy to use. You just plug them in to the nearest outlet and go. If you need to move your power washer often, or use it on the go, consider buying a generator. That way, you’ll always have a power source available and won’t have to run long extension cords or concern yourself with finding an available outlet.  Alternatively,  you may prefer the mobility of a gas-powered machine. Gas-powered washers also tend to have higher power ratings. Power washers with higher psi ratings are great for pressure washing siding, cleaning sidewalks, garage floors and barbecue grills. Adding special degreasers and detergents specially made for power washers will make cleaning jobs go even faster.