Artificial Turf

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      Artificial Turf Provides the Beautiful Lawn You've Always Wanted

      Creating the perfect lawn takes years of hard work and dedication, but you can eliminate the hard work when you invest in artificial turf for your yard. Kmart provides a variety of outdoor tools and supplies to help you with your lawn maintenance needs. If you live in an area that offers less than ideal weather conditions for the grass you want, invest in artificial turf to remedy the situation.

      Using a garden tractor means that you have to perform regular tune-ups and maintenance tasks. However, you never have to mow or mulch when you install StarPro Turf Fescue lawn grass in your yard. Its tall blades and deep green thatch mimic the look of live Kentucky Blue Grass. With turf, you never have to water or fertilize the lawn ever again. In addition, its durable polypropylene material ensures the turf withstands years of harsh weather treatment.

      However, you don't have to install artificial turf across the entire lawn; just create a small putting green in your own backyard. If you enjoy playing golf, then practice your putting on StarPro Greens indoor-outdoor synthetic turf. Putting turf looks and feels like real grass on the golf course, helping to create a realistic environment in which to practice putting. The synthetic nylon grass acts just like a real putting green, creating truly realistic ball rolls at country club speed. If you enjoy the game of golf, then having your own putting green gives you an advantage when it's time to hit the course.

      Even with artificial turf, you want to use dividers between flowerbeds and your lawn. Landscaping materials, such as Suncast Border Stone edging and Emsco Bedrocks lawn border, help you create beautiful dividing lines between your landmarks and grass. Suncast Flagstone edging looks like real stone, and it blends in naturally with your plants and artificial turf. Create divider lines quickly and easily with Suncast Quick Edge interlocking landscape and Suncast Pro Garden edging. After installing the artificial turf, accentuate your landmarks with landscape dividers that add to the beauty of your lawn.

      If you live in an area where the grass just refuses to grow, install artificial turf to get the beautiful lawn you've always wanted. Shop Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable outdoor tools and supplies for both residential and commercial landscaping projects.

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