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A push mower from Kmart is the perfect solution when a riding mower is too much and a reel mower is too little. Push mowers are easy to handle and simple to maintain. The Craftsman 140cc High Wheel Rear Bag Push Mower is one of the most economical models on the market, yet it delivers all the quality you'd expect from the Craftsman brand. The Craftsman 140cc is powered by a reliable Briggs and Stratton engine, and the "Ready Start" feature means there's no need to prime or adjust the choke to start the motor.
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Push Mowers for Fast, Easy and Affordable Lawn Maintenance

You don't have to spend huge amounts of money to keep your lawn in exceptional shape. Kmart's selection of push mowers includes models that are jam-packed with many exciting and useful features. Of course, it pays to know what you need before you invest in a specific push lawn mower. The size and shape of your yard will affect the type of mower that's right for you. No matter which mower you choose, you'll enjoy Kmart's everyday low prices.

One of the first decisions you have to make when shopping for a lawn mower is whether to choose a push mower or a self-propelled model. Self propelled lawn mowers are definitely nice, but they also tend to cost more. If you need to spend as little as possible, push mowers are more cost-effective options. As long as your yard isn't extremely hilly or steep, a push mower should work perfectly fine.

When shopping for outdoor tools, you should always pay attention to small details. There are many things to take into consideration when buying a push mower. To ensure your own comfort while performing the work, you should select a model that has adjustable handles. Push models don't have power driven to their wheels. Choose a model that has ball bearing wheels because it will be easier to maneuver. Larger rear wheels make it easier to handle slopes and small hills as well.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for push lawn mowers is the width of each model's cutting path. It's generally best to buy a model that has the widest cutting path possible because it allows you to cover more ground in a single pass. If your yard is riddled with obstacles, tight spaces and other nooks and crannies, you might be better off selecting a push mower that has a narrower cutting path. You're going to use the push mower that you purchase from Kmart for a long time to come, so it pays to select the right thing. Pay attention to the maximum cutting height of the model that you are considering. If you live in a hot climate, it's smart to let the grass grow a little longer. In that case, you'll need a mower that can be adjusted to accommodate such growth. To avoid having to haul around heavy bags every time you cut the grass, choose a mower that has a side-discharging or mulching mode.

For today's best push mowers, you can count on Kmart. Shop Kmart now to track down a mower that will meet and exceed your expectations.


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