Chipper Shredders

Organic mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, serves as a barricade for weeds and naturally provides nutrients to plants as it breaks down. But purchasing bags of mulch can be costly, especially for a large property. A chipper shredder from Kmart turns unwanted yard debris into free organic mulch, and makes it easy to keep the yard clean. The Steele Electric Chipper/Shredder/Mulcher features a 2.5 HP motor and a reduction rate of 10:1; meaning it quickly reduces a pile of branches into a pile of mulch ready to spread on the garden.
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Clean Up the Yard with Chipper Shredders from Kmart

When dead stems and branches fall onto your lawn, remove them easily with chipper shredders from Kmart. Kmart carries a full range of professional-grade chippers and mulchers for residential and commercial landscaping. Tear through thick branches with the Steele Electric chipper-shredder-mulcher, or use the Stanley 15-horsepower 420cc commercial-duty chipper to shred four-inch diameter branches into 1/4-inch chips.

While most chipper shredders work best in a stationary position, chippers vacs let you clean up stems and branches with your riding mower. Chipper vacs also suck up pine needles and leaves, shredding debris into mulch to use as compost in the garden. Whereas a Stanley chipper shreds larger branches, the Agri-Fab tow-behind chipper vac chips branches up to two-inches in diameter. In addition, it's powerful 80MPH suction removes wet leaves and grass clippings with ease.

Chippers let you create natural compost for the garden or wood chips to line flowerbeds and shrubbery. If you prefer to create mulch as you mow, then attach a mulch kit to your mower. Chipper vacs and standalone chippers work best for creating mulch and spreading it later. However, the mulch kit finely shreds leaves and grass into smaller pieces as you mow. These pieces rest on the soil, providing nutrients to beneficial microbes that aid in the growth and health of your lawn. Before mulching the grass, use the chipper shredder to remove unwanted branches and debris from the yard.

Some landscaping projects require more power to finish the job. If you have logs or branches that are just too big to fit in the chipper, invest in a powerful chain saw. The powerful Craftsman 50cc gas-powered chain saw helps you cut through thick tree limbs and branches, and its safety kill switch provides added safety when cutting. You may have to cut down branches that hang too low over the driveway. The Remington 1.5-horsepower electric pole saw lets you reach up to 15 feet in order to cut limbs and branches. In addition, it converts from a pole saw to a chain saw without any additional tools required.

Whether you have a home DIY project or a commercial landscaping job to complete, chipper shredders help you remove branches from the lawn with ease. Shop at Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable lawn care equipment and handheld power tools.


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